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How to deal with post-traumatic stress disorders

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can develop after a person has experienced one or more traumatic events. When we talk about a traumatic event we mean an event that involves real situations or threats of:

  • Muerte
  • Serious injury
  • Sexual violence

Exposure to these traumatic events can be:

  • Direct (experienced personally).
  • Presence (the person saw what happened to someone else).
  • Hint (hear from a family member or a close friend who experienced the event).
  • Extreme repeated or indirect exposure (emergency personnel or first respondents who repeatedly heard about other people who experienced these events).

In addition, many people experience other types of highly distressing events that can result in symptoms of post-traumatic stress such as traumatic invalidation (repeated or extreme invalidation of a person’s experiences, characteristics or important private reactions), childhood verbal or emotional abuse, neglect, pathological grief and love breaks or infidelities.

Certain types of traumatic events appear to be more likely to cause PTSD than others. The types of traumatic events that are more likely to cause PTSD in women are: rape (46%), threat with a weapon (33%), sexual assault in addition to rape (27%) and physical attack (21%). In men they are: rape (65%), exposure to war combat (39%), sexual assault in addition to rape (12%) and witness a traumatic event (6%).

How do we treat posttraumatic stress?

We use PD, Long Exposure Therapy

Prolonged exposure therapy (PE) is used to treat Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. EP helps patients cope with situations that cause anxiety in a safe way, in order to overcome their excessive fears. PE has received the greatest amount of support in terms of research for its effectiveness in the treatment of PTSD and a consensus of experts has designated them as a first-line treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The strong efficacy of exposure therapy has been demonstrated in a wide range of people with trauma.

  • The role of avoidance

La evitación es un factor importante que mantiene el TEPT e impide la recuperación del mismo. Existen dos formas en que las personas evitan enfrentarse a los recordatorios del trauma. La primera es tratar de evitar los recuerdos, pensamientos y sentimientos sobre el trauma. La segunda es escapar o evitar situaciones, lugares, personas y objetos que provocan angustia o miedo porque son similares al trauma o son recordatorios de este. Sin embargo, si bien la estrategia de evitar pensamientos y situaciones relacionados con el trauma funciona a corto plazo, en realidad prolonga las reacciones postraumáticas y te impide superar las dificultades relacionadas con el trauma.

  • Exposure therapy

Since avoiding thoughts about trauma and situations that remind you keep your PTSD, the goal of exposure therapy is to help you avoid avoidance and, instead, encourage you to face thoughts and situations related to trauma. This treatment encompasses two types of exposure: imaginary exposure and live exposure.

  • Imaginary Exhibition

Imaginary exposure involves asking you to relive the traumatic experience in your imagination and describe the trauma out loud. The objective of the imaginary exhibition is to improve your ability to process the traumatic memory by asking you to describe it repeatedly during the sessions. The imaginary exposure of prolonged and repeated traumatic memory is very effective in reducing trauma-related symptoms and in helping you have a new perspective and meaning on what happened before, during and after the traumatic event.

  • Live show

Live exposure means facing situations that you avoid in “real life.” You will be asked to gradually face situations that you have avoided because they remind you of trauma, directly or indirectly (e.g., driving a car or walking alone in a safe place).

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Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

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