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Acerina Ramos Amador

Passionate about providing tools for the development and well-being of people and groups.
Clinical psychologist, specialized in cutting-edge therapies based on innovative processes: ACT, DBT, FAP and Mindfulness.

I accompany you with warmth, sensitivity, therapeutic involvement, to challenge beliefs and ineffective learned behaviors, changing the painful ways of being in the world.

Through different tools and personalized experiences that result in the objectives you aspire to.

With extensive experience in the professional area and focused on building a life that deserves to be lived and full of vitality.

Trained and specialized in Contextual Therapies at the ACT Institute in Madrid, under the supervision of Dr. Carmen Luciano and Dr. Marisa Pérez

Master in Social Cognitive Therapy at the University of Barcelona, ??student of Dr. Guillem Feixas, with training in systemic therapy, narrative therapy, strategic brief therapy.

Behavioral Tech Dialectic Therapy Team Coordinator, formed and supervised by psychiatrist Pablo Gagliesi in Mexico, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

With participation in the prestigious DBT team of the Forum Foundation in Buenos Aires, coordinated by Pablo Gagliesi, Demián Rodante and Juan Pablo Boggiano.

Formed with Mavis Tsai and Bob Kohlenberg authors of Functional Analytical Psychotherapy at the University of Washington, Seattle.

With a more than 1000 hours of training for ACT, Mindfulness and DBT, by Steven Hayes, Kelly Willson, Vicente Simón, Fernando Torrijos, Niklas Torneke, Fabián Olaz, Amanda Muñoz, Jorge Barraca, Paula José Quintana, Juan Pablo Coletti, Javier Álvarez Villaescusa, Jenna LeJeune, Jason Luoma.

Teaching Experience in several public institutions such as the University of La Laguna, Coordination of the Expert in Contextual Therapies and in the Official College of Psychology of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Providing training in the Dánae Cabinet, Foundation Company and Programs for Children and Development of the Government of the Canary Islands.

In parallel, I participate in the world of contemporary dance, artistic creation and ecology. I defend the rights of the Earth and nonhuman animals and believe in the power of compassion.

Our team

We are a highly trained team, with experience in the clinic, trainers of colleagues, supervisors and who in turn constantly supervise us with Dr. Pablo Gagliesi at DBT and with the team coordinator, MA. Acerina Ramos Amador.

We have the preparation to remain faithful to the original models, and we are the only Canary team authorized by Behavioral Tech, the institution of Marsha Linehan. Our name is DBT Canarias team, acquired after training in Mexico, Barcelona and Fundación Foro in Buenos Aires.

We give training at the University of La Laguna, in public institutions, hospitals, educational forums, in our center; We have an active presence on television, radio and press, from where we disseminate the contextual model and our love to improve the lives of people and living communities.

Ana María Mesa González | Psychologist in Tenerife

Ana María Mesa González

Degree in Psychology from the University of La Laguna, where she also completed the Master in Clinical and Health Psychology. Later she trained as an expert in Positive Psychology by the European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP). He is currently training in Contextual Therapies, especially in Behavioral Dialectic Therapy.

Fernando Rodríguez Otero | Psquiatra en Tenerife

Fernando Rodriguez Otero

Fernando acts as a psychiatrist, graduated in medicine from the University of La Laguna, joins an extensive degree and certification curriculum with a long career both in the field of research and as a lecturer in many conferences. In turn, Fernando has several published works related to the field of psychiatry.

José Antonio Cao Vocero | Yoga in Tenerife

José Antonio Cao Vocero

José Antonio is our Yoga specialist. He is a certified Yoga teacher at the Iyengar school in Malaga. He has spent two decades dedicating himself fully to Yoga. Among other things José Antonio is co-founder of the program of accompaniment and support for the teaching of yoga according to the Nexoyoga pedagogy.

Anahat Aday Garcia | Yoga in Tenerife

Aday Garcia

Born in Gran Canaria, graduated in Psychology from the University of La Laguna since 2011 he has been doing yoga retreats as a transformative experience in Tenerife. Inspired and guided by his gurus from India, Tibet or Mexico, he combines ancestral wisdom for today’s life in a therapeutic and spiritual journey to awaken joy and awareness.

María Concepción Pacheco | Our cook

María Concepción Pacheco Díaz

Chef specialized in conscious cooking, based on real foods, especially those that contribute nature and respect the planet.

A kitchen committed to improving the way we relate to food, which promotes self-knowledge and the importance of food in people’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

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