Suicidal behavior and self-harm

Suicidal behavior and self-harm

Suicide rates are rising globally, and especially young people between 14 and 25 years, becoming the second leading cause of death. Almost 90% of people who die have tried before and have had thoughts of death. Therefore, early detection and treatment are the best prevention we have today.

Suicidal behavior does not have a completely effective and safe treatment, however we know and use those that have the best results. If you are thinking of killing yourself, it is essential that you be treated by a professional with highly specialized training in suicidal behavior, otherwise your psychotherapy, or your coaching, could make you worse.

Suicidal behavior is also traumatic for those who suffer indirectly, to receive the impact of the death of someone known. If you are a victim of suicide, seek help.

Why do I think about killing myself?

The situations in which I can help you can be very diverse, such as:

Having the thought of killing yourself is very frequent, studies report that almost half of us have thought about it at some point. And that thought appears when we do not have the skills to solve a problem that causes us to suffer and that we also think will remain the same in time.

Many people have thought about this at some time in their lives, it is so common that some studies report that almost half of the population has thought about it.

They think about it in very difficult situations of their lives, when a very frequent formula is given: A problem that causes enormous suffering, feeling that there is no way out for that suffering and predicting that nothing will work.

And if I am also in a moment of solitude, with lethal means available, physically or mentally ill, unemployment, difficulties in accessing education, a family history of suicide, it will increase the risk.

What is suicidal behavior?

Suicidal behaviors are thinking or imagining killing oneself, making attempts in different ways, and self-injurious behaviors such as cutting, burning, hurting, among others, are also considered risky. There is a general agreement in mental health professionals to call suicidal ideas or actions when the person clearly expresses intentionality or willingness to die.

Suicidal behaviors (from thinking, communicating or doing things in that direction) fulfill different, and sometimes several, functions for each person. On the one hand, they fulfill function in social relationships, in the environment, they can communicate something, convey that they are wrong, ask for help or, reduce the demands and demands made on them. They can get a room in a psychiatric clinic, or a medical emergency call.

On the other hand, they can perform more private functions, inside the head, or in the heart. Research maintains that suicidal behavior is largely under control of these latter functions.

Solutions to problems of self-harm and suicidal behavior

What suicidal behavior and self-harm have in common is that in both cases the emotional pain is unbearable and forms of relief are sought; Temporary solutions that create greater long-term problems. That is why we work with DBT (Behavioral Dialectic Therapy) learning skills to apply more effective solutions to our pain. Sometimes that includes learning to tolerate pain, without being able to solve the problem, at least at that time, that torments us.

Why with us?

We are a highly qualified team of contextual therapy experts, that guide and train people in the skills needed to recognize what can be improved in order to generate lasting change.

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Our team has treated hundreds of people with a high degree of effectiveness. Working closely with each individual creating a unique experience specifically tailored to their needs.

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We share a passion for the most current research whilst respecting and incorporating techniques based in our ancestral wisdom, balancing them harmoniously.

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Specialist care and guidance are essential for us and we take time to mentor our guests to ensure they maximize their experience with us.

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We regularly train many professionals in a wide range of therapies. We pride ourselves in creating a two-way flow, an exchange of ideas, information, shared knowledge and understanding. Providing the best training and advice for a new generation of therapists.


Our work has been recognized and regularly features in the media including television, printed press and online. Our skills are often called upon to help explain many different issues affecting our society today.

Satisfied patients

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the love and testimonies of the many people who have overcome problems with us. We are delighted that our guests leave us with a greater understanding of themselves and the path that lies ahead.

Opinions of our consultants

Because there is nothing better than reading the impressions of those people who have found their way and have overcome their problems of suicidal behaviors and self-harm thanks to our work.

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Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

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