My method

My therapeutic approach comes from integrating two aspects: Contextual behavioral science that has changed the landscape of the most effective treatments in the last 20 years together with cultivating authentic therapeutic relationships, based on therapeutic love, courage and the cultivation of deep presence .

That synthesis of head and heart, of effective models linked to my full, clear, empathic and human presence. That is why the relationship I propose is horizontal, where we both risk a real and vulnerable relationship. The reason for relating in this way and not vertically is because we have abundant empirical evidence of how our behaviors have been learned within emotional relationships and the benefits of a relationship where there is finally openness, trust, love and genuine support.

Each relationship is unique, and this also applies to the consultant-therapist relationship. After conceptualizing what has brought you to the place where you are today, I will help you in each session to move you away from ineffective, old habits towards new, more luminous forms and in accordance with your values.

This means that therapy is not a protocolized space but really a journey for both dynamic, personal, collaborative, emotional and visceral. We have space to notice what happens in your life and also what happens in our relationship that can be equivalent; which allows us to learn in the present session new ways of being in the world and relating.
It will be inevitable that we touch our hearts.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the application of Contextual Therapies, working with people who need their emotions to stop having control in their lives.

We work with different daughters of the model, depending on the problem:

Behavioral Dialectic Therapy

For people with complex problems that do not respond to other previous treatments. They are emotional dysregulation problems such as diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Bulimia, substance abuse problems, impulse control problems; among others.

Prolonged Exposure Therapies (EP)

For Post-traumatic Stress.

Acceptance and commitment therapy

So that thoughts and emotions do not direct valuable life, but find a meaningful direction and be able to maintain it. ACT is based on discoveries from the Theory of Relational Frames that demonstrates how having language allows us to create, imagine and at the same time bring us pain.

Functional Analytical Psychotherapy

For problems with establishing satisfactory and lasting relationships with other important people, also for people who have not received relief with conventional treatments.

Behavioral Activation Therapy for Depression

We use what works faster and better for depression according to the American Psychological Association (APA).


When discomfort exists and at the same time allows me to lead my life, we use mindfullness to reduce mental noise, increase serenity and presence in one’s life and improve attention, mood.

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Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

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