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How to fight depression

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that depression is the fourth most disabling disorder in the world today.

Also, you also consider that its frequency will increase in the coming years and that it will move from fourth to second in this list. About 20% of the population suffer throughout their lives a depression. A much more common problem than one usually thinks.

Depression is an emotional disorder that presents itself as a state of obvious unhappiness, which may or may not lead to a permanent problem. Depression paralyzes the vital practice of people who suffer from it, manifesting with deep sadness, mood alterations and strong irritability.

How do I know if I am experiencing depression?

The wisest part of you will know that valuable aspects of your life are being neglected because the lack of desire, sadness, the feeling of emptiness has invaded the space of the important, of what one day was colorful and vibrant. You can also notice that even if you try, you don’t do the activities before, your pace is slow, you forget things, you sleep a lot or you hardly sleep, or you can feel irritable, crying very easily, with more indecision than ever, eating a lot almost nothing, it can cost you to enjoy aspects that you used to enjoy, to go around the past with a certain sense of guilt.

That is to say, there can be many different symptoms, the important thing is that the direction of your life is being neglected and that helm is not able to redirect it.

Solutions to depression problems

Why with us?

We are a highly qualified team of contextual therapy experts, that guide and train people in the skills needed to recognize what can be improved in order to generate lasting change.

We care and want to help you

Our team has treated hundreds of people with a high degree of effectiveness. Working closely with each individual creating a unique experience specifically tailored to their needs.

Avant-garde therapies

We share a passion for the most current research whilst respecting and incorporating techniques based in our ancestral wisdom, balancing them harmoniously.

Ability to create links

Specialist care and guidance are essential for us and we take time to mentor our guests to ensure they maximize their experience with us.

Focused on training

We regularly train many professionals in a wide range of therapies. We pride ourselves in creating a two-way flow, an exchange of ideas, information, shared knowledge and understanding. Providing the best training and advice for a new generation of therapists.


Our work has been recognized and regularly features in the media including television, printed press and online. Our skills are often called upon to help explain many different issues affecting our society today.

Satisfied patients

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the love and testimonies of the many people who have overcome problems with us. We are delighted that our guests leave us with a greater understanding of themselves and the path that lies ahead.

Opinions of our consultants

Because there is nothing better than reading the impressions of those who have found their way and have overcome their depression problems thanks to our work.

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We help you fight depression

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We build a life that deserves to be lived. I combine heart and science to help you live your best version. If we were injured in relationship we will be healed in the relationship with another person.

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Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

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