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Dialectical Therapy
Behavioral - DBT

DBT (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy) or Behavioral Dialectic Therapy is a specialized treatment to treat emotional dysregulation.

Created by Dr. Marsha M. Linehan for patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) or DRE, the DBT combines some of its techniques with principles of reality acceptance derived from Zen and dialectic philosophy. In our team we work with the five components: Individual therapy, group skills training, telephone support, pharmacological auxiliary treatments and a consultation group for therapists. Currently, DBT is the treatment of choice for BPD and emotional dysregulation.

During the 1980s, Dr. Linehan observed the imperative need for a treatment of patients with suicidal behaviors, who mostly met the criteria for the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD). DBT is a good example of the evolution of behavior therapy and incorporates a constant balance between validation and acceptance on the one hand and change on the other.

From DBT we understand that suffering is the result of a specific lack of skills, we evaluate and train people to acquire and generalize these skills.

In addition, we remain in continuous peer supervision and with supervisors certified by Behavioral Tech.

Since its development, the DBT has been adapted to different age ranges, diagnostic categories and assistive devices, as it offers a multi-component, integrative and flexible treatment approach. There is empirical evidence for the effectiveness of DBT in the treatment of other disorders related to emotional regulation difficulties as well as specific symptoms such as self-harm, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, bulimia symptoms, depression, substance abuse. DBT also shows efficacy in the treatment of adolescents with suicidal ideas (Pistorello, Fruzzetti, MacLane, Gallop & Iverson, 2012). The ultimate goal of treatment is not that problem behaviors disappear, that is necessary but not sufficient. The ultimate goal is to develop a life that deserves to be lived.

Let's talk about emotional deregulation

Emotionally deregulating means that an emotion gains such intensity that it directs our actions and that these are not consistent with our long-term values and goals. The deregulation creates discomfort in our life because we are kidnapped by states (they can be lived as pleasant or unpleasant) and when leaving these we have a list of negative consequences: Impaired relationships, shame, fear …

When we are deregulated we act very impulsively, fast and fast, so it is difficult to measure the consequences.

Specialized professionals believe that emotional deregulation (DRE) is the basis of many disorders that we treat as:

• Personality disorders (including but not only the DRE Personalized Limit disorder)
• Eating disorders: Bulimia, binge eating disorder.
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Suicidal behavior
• Affective disorders: Depression and bipolar disorder.

• Problems with anger
• Behavioral disorders
• Relationship problems: fights, jealousy, instability
• Compulsive expenses
• Substance Use Disorder

How is the DBT treatment?

First things first, a session where we welcome you and evaluate the behavior problems you present. Later we will indicate if DBT is the indicated treatment or if there is another better alternative for you if the basis of your suffering is not emotional deregulation.

In the case that it is, we will have some introductory sessions where we can get to know each other better, establish goals and goals of the therapy, hierarchizing by gravity the behaviors that we are going to deal with. What do I mean? For example, if you are thinking about killing yourself that will be more important to treat than if you have problems at work, since we need you alive for the therapy to work.

Once we are committed and convinced to perform this treatment you will have:

  • Individual therapy.
  • Skills group where you will learn a lot of skills necessary to build a life that deserves to be lived.

We group them into 4 modules that you will study progressively:

1. Mindfulness

We learn here to notice our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Perceiving them, describing them and taking perspective on them is essential so that they do not direct our lives and diminish our battle against them.

What do we do? Observe, Describe, Participate.

How do we do it? Without judging, focusing and being effective.

2. Emotional regulation

Development of basic concepts about emotions.
We learn and practice a skill we call opposite action.

We explore and practice experiencing emotion like a wave, we observe how it rises and falls.

We learn skills to increase positive emotions.

3. Interpersonal effectiveness

We learn assertiveness.

We clarify our priorities for interpersonal effectiveness.

We practice the skills to say no and to ask.

We rehearse interpersonal conflict situations to practice the skills.

4. Tolerance to discomfort

We learn to handle crisis and to radically accept reality, among others.

Why with us?

Because we have the best team of experts in contextual therapies that aim to train and train people in skills to distinguish what can be changed and be effective in generating changes.

The best formation

Because we are the first DBT team certified by Behavioral Tech in the Canary Islands and in Spain.

Avant-garde therapies

Passion for the most current research as well as for ancestral wisdom.

We help people who need it

Our team has treated hundreds of people with a high degree of effectiveness.

We have alliances and complicities

With the best centers in the world and we receive supervision from dr. Pablo Gagliesi, the first Spanish-speaking coach of Behavioral Tech.

Above all, people

Because we do not work with numbers or symptoms, but with people for whom we develop a deep respect and affection, whose special gifts we teach them to drive.

We collaborate with different media

Our work has been recognized in different areas, coming to appear regularly in the media.

Opinions of our consultants

Because there is nothing better than reading the impressions of those who have found their way and have overcome their problems thanks to our work.

It is time to take the plunge

Request information about availability and other inquiries.

Tell us your situation by filling out the following contact form and take the step to start the change here.

Do you have any question?

We build a life that deserves to be lived. I combine heart and science to help you live your best version. If we were injured in relationship we will be healed in the relationship with another person.

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Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

Tengo la solución a tus problemas

Todas mis terapias y soluciones pueden realizarse de manera online, no esperes más a cambiar tu vida. 

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